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Purchasing a new HVAC system is a large expense, and often not one that is expected. However, sometimes cutting your losses is the best choice. A new system can bring several benefits such as reduced energy cost, better performance and a product which is likely to be trouble free for a long time to come. It also gives you a chance to explore new technologies that can revolutionize your level of comfort.

Gas Furnaces

Economical and reliable heating

Gas furnaces are a solid reliable form of heating. Gas furnaces used to be huge, clunky, inefficient beasts that lied tucked away in our basements. Today, furnaces sport multi-stage capability as well as high-efficiency operation, capturing up to 98.6% of the heat they produce.

Air Conditioners

Keep Cool

There are several benefits to replacing your AC system. A new air conditioner can reduce energy cost, improve comfort and dehumidification, as well as help the environment. Many homes still use R-22 (Freon) AC systems. As these system leak, the lost refrigerant finds it's way into the ozone layer, destroying this protective barrier that protects people from deadly radiation that leads to skin cancer. R-22 is also 3-4 times more expensive than today's standard refrigerant, R-410A, as well as 10% less efficient.

Bosch Heat Pump.jpg

Heat Pumps

Versatile and efficient.

Heat pump technology has come a long way; much further than most clients are aware of. Many customers only come to realize the importance of an efficient heat pump once their's has failed. A defective heat pump can be detrimental to a homeowner's electric bill.

Heat pumps are the most efficient form of heating as they can move much more energy than they consume. In addition, innovations in heat pump technology offers today's homeowner unprecedented options in comfort and efficiency.

Mini Split Systems

The underdog of heating and cooling: Unmatched versatility and performance.

A smaller but fast-growing segment of our HVAC system lineup, Mini Split systems can run circles around today's basic HVAC system. Mini Split technology has revolutionized the industry so much that big name manufacturers of central air systems have taken notice, incorporating Mini Split technology into their flagship models.

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