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Ukraines Independence Flag Day. Constitution day. Ukrainian child girl in embroidered shir



The exodus from Ukraine is set to become the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II. As our way of helping, Cold Comfort HVAC will donate 1% of all sales of system replacements/installations to various humanitarian organizations currently providing aid in Ukraine.

The non-stop media coverage of the War in Ukraine has made it undeniable that civilians are suffering and dying as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. From images of women and children fleeing to neighboring countries, to residential buildings in rubble, to bodies on the streets of Ukrainian cities; these images are not in short supply. As a former medic in the US Army, I was taught that even in warfare, unarmed civilians should be protected at all costs, not indiscriminately targeted. As a business, we pride ourselves on offering honest service and serving as an asset to our community. However, more importantly to me, I personally believe it is our moral duty to provide what help we can to those who are in need and cannot defend themselves.

Slava Ukraini!

- Gabriel


Cold Comfort HVAC

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